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(Leer en español) Seville Cathedral, or Cathedral of Santa María de la Santa Sede, is a World Heritage Site since 1987. More than one million people visit it each year because is a historic and spectacular building, the Christian Gothic Cathedral biggest in the world. Of note is also the Spanish gastronomy surrounding the temple, with a large list of tapas bars near Seville Cathedral that delight tourists and Sevillian people.

bars near seville cathedral

Seville Cathedral is now where before there was a large mosque. Between 1172 and 1248, when Seville is reconquered, it was the place of Muslim worship. Until 1401 the same building was used to the practice of the Christian religion. Then the temple was demolished to build the Cathedral it is today.

There is only documentation about the works dated from 1433 and the Cathedral did not start only from debris. The Patio de los Naranjos (Orange trees garden) and the Giralda were there since the Muslim temple.

Although the Giralda was enlarged and renovated, it is older than the Cathedral. Today is the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral, one of the most popular tourist spots and a symbol admired by all Sevillian people.

tapas bars near cathedral

Inside the Cathedral are entombed some popular people in the history of the city of Seville. Cristobal Colón, Fernando III ‘El Santo’ or Alfonso X ‘El Sabio’ are some of them.

Outside, buggies, bike rides under the sun and tapas bars near Seville Cathedral, delights for anyone who approaches. Is border of Santa Cruz, annex to Alfalfa, Arenal and Maestranza bullring, is an ideal place for to taste the tapas and to know the culinary tradition.

The Tapas bars near Seville Cathedral are a meeting point for tourists and Sevillian people who like a tasty tapa, traditional food, Spanish wine, sangria and cold beer.

cathedral seville tapas

Tapas Bars near Seville Cathedral

Tapear in Seville downtown is a tradition to explore the cuisine of the city. If you do it with the best Giralda views and the smell of Patio de los Naranjos, it is a unforgettable experience. Here we bring the list of the Top Tapas Bars near Seville Cathedral:


Located in Argote de Molina street and opposite the Patio de los Naranjos (Orange trees garden of Cathedral). Formerly a reference pub, the success of its cuisine today is based on the passion and simplicity. A large selection of tapas and traditional dishes from Seville with a concept and innovative design.

bars near seville cathedral antiguedades

Website Antigüedades | On Fb Antigüedades
Top Tapa: Artichokes with bicoloured salmorejo and molasses


Restaurant recently opened on Placentines street. The narrow street, known in Seville as «callejuela» is in front of Seville Cathedral, in the corner of the Giralda. An innovative cuisine with traditional products and a vertical garden that highlight in its inspired decor.

bars near seville cathedral

Website Pelayo | On Fb Pelayo
Top Tapa: Grilled duck liver toast with Seville Orange marmalade


In the monumental area, behind the Cathedral and next to the Arco del Postigo. Ideal for a stroll through the historic center of Seville. Decorated as a Corral de Comedias (open air theatre) and a modern cuisine born of tradition, the bar is popular for its cold beer and elaborate tapas. It has the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016.

bars near seville cathedral postiguillo

Website Postiguillo | On Fb Postiguillo
Top Tapa: Tuna Tataki
(Read Postiguillo: The history was made tapa)


Where they offer the warmth of the traditional with a touch of personality in the tapas. It is a saloon decorated with bullfighting elements, with exposed beams and wood finishes. The Parisian cafes-style lamps create a cozy light, especially for dinner. It has been awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2016.

bars near seville cathedral catedral

Website Catedral | On Fb Bar Catedral
TopTapa: Pork tenderloin with braised zucchini on foie gras and fig jam


A few meters from the Cathedral, on Mateos Gago Street and in front of the Palos and Campanillas Doors, you can enjoy gastronomy and the best Giralda views from its diningroom and terrace. Bar Giralda is a history journey through the decoration, you will travel from the vaults of the Arab baths XII century to the twentieth century Modernism.

bars near seville cathedral giralda

Website Giralda | On Fb Cervecería Giralda
Top Tapa: Stuffed sirloin and mojo

Casa Tomate

Travel back in time to relive the Latin American Exhibition of 1929 and returns to the present to feel Easter, the April Fair and Bullfighting with its decoration. Highlights its Seville Cathedral views from the terrace, with a typical Andalusian cuisine and a large selection of wine and iberian ham from Spain.

bars near seville cathedral tomate

Website Casa Tomate | On Fb Casa Tomate
Top Tapa: Seasoned peppers with bullet tuna & prawns

La Sacristía

Gastronomy and tradition together in La Sacristía. Religious decoration brings a unique experience to enjoy tapas in Seville. Enjoy the best iberian ham and sausages  a short walk from Seville Cathedral is special in this monkish atmosphere.

bars near seville cathedral sacristia

Website La Sacristía | On Fb La Sacristía
Top Tapa: Onion flavour tuna


The bullfighting decor is a tribute to bullfighter Juan Belmonte. The tapas are based on traditional Andalusian cuisine, adapted to the times of culinary creativity. Intense flavors, great ingredients quality and the best selection of wines in the city.

bars near seville cathedral belmonte

Website Belmonte | On Fb Belmonte
Top Tapa: Pork tenderloin with whiskey sauce


Patanchón has wooden Nordic style ceilings and seventeenth century inscriptions on the floor. Its walls are decorated with a collection of photos of different time offenders. A unique and overwhelming experience for to enjoy tapas of traditional cuisine with modern thoughts.

bars near seville cathedral patanchon

Website Patanchón | On Fb Patanchón
Top Tapa: Manchego cheese croquettes

This is our proposal for a gastronomic route in the best tapas bars near Seville Cathedral. Is in your hands and in your stomach enjoy it to the full, take the map and know the taste and culture of tapas in Seville Cheers and bon appetit!

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