Postiguillo Bar: The History was made Tapa

(Leer en español) Postiguillo Bar is in the monumental area, opposite the Royal Shipyards, behind the Cathedral of Seville and near the Postigo Arch. A tapas restaurant to enjoy and celebrate dinners or meals in good company, in the Dos de Mayo Street 2.

In 2019 has been prizewinner by Trip Advisor with the Certificate of Excellence based on clients opinions. Is the fourth consecutive year.

The history of Postiguillo Bar

Postiguillo Bar is located in a house built by the Marquis of Torrenueva in the 18th century. It was a fish market, still holds some ancient Roman columns and walls scratched by the time today. Its give to the bar a charm unmatched in Seville.

postiguillo bar

Decoration of Postiguillo Bar

Dozens of bull heads adorn the walls hearth, completing a decor inspired by comedy theaters that served the day off Sevillian ancestors. A wooden footbridge flies over the local up to the great lamps that illuminate the room. Lamps formed by groups of bulbs inserted into huge wooden wheels.

bar postiguillo decor

Eat and drink in Postiguillo Bar

This warm light creates a perfect place to enjoy tranquility of a large selection of wines and tapas made with local products. Postiguillo Bar is known for its traditional Andalusian food, generous and creative cooking, good ham and the best selection of seafood. Moreover, heard from the mouth of visitors, you can enjoy «the coldest beer in Seville» in Postiguillo Bar.

tapas postiguillo bar

Area of Postiguillo Bar

In the historic center of Seville, the traveler, tourist or lover of gastronomy and culture, can enjoy the best pleasures of life without having to travel.


Postigo or door that remains of the old Arab city wall. It is called Postigo of Oil because that was the point of entry of this product to the city. In the 16th century, it was added the shield of Seville on top. This gate is one of the key points to feel the Easter in Seville and enjoy the processions.

postigo arch

Royal Shipyards

Today a Heritage of Cultural Interest, which have been developed for musical activities or exhibitions, this great building was designed for the manufacture and storage of goods. Although ultimately belonged to the army as artillery warehouse, the huge rooms that form the shipyards were originally intended for the manufacture of ships and galleys.

shipyards seville

Postigo Craft Market

Three plants distributed exposure mode for the enjoyment of visitors. You can view crafts and traditional methods, see how they work with the materials and of course buy whatever you want.

craft market seville

If you want to spend a nice day in Seville, choose whether to book for lunch or dinner in Postiguillo Bar. Enjoy the morning or afternoon visiting the most interesting places in the area before to know a traditional Andalusian cuisine symbol.

postiguillo booking

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