Tapas Bars at Alfalfa and Salvador

(Leer en español) Seville is the ideal city to enjoy the tapas bars. The tapeo is a tradition that is maintained and grows in Seville throughout history, being already part of the Sevillian culture. Sevillian people enjoy a good tapa and visitors spend part of their time in the city to visit the bars. This time we want to propose options for visiting the best tapas bars at Alfalfa and Salvador.

tapas bar at salvador seville

Salvador is a square that takes its name from the church that is in it and that is in the neighborhood of the Alfalfa. This neighborhood, as we saw happened with Mateos Gago and tapas bars, has had many changes throughout its history.

Alfalfa in Seville

Alfalfa belongs to the Old Town district in the center of Seville, and is on the north of other popular districts such as Santa Cruz and Arenal, of which we know its history. In recent times, much of its charm is due to the great atmosphere created by tapas bars at Alfalfa and Salvador.

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Today is a neighborhood where young people gather, mixing with the tourists who come to know the culture of tapas bars. The epicentre of the neighborhood is Alfalfa Square.

This square was an hunt market where the animals were sold. Then it was famous for hosting vegetable traders and later known as the Butcher Shop of Seville, being the supply point for suppliers and butchers of the city.

tapas bar at alfalfa seville

More later the square hosted the big cattle market from Triana. This market was changed to be a street market of pets, especially highlighting the birds. In 2005 this activity completely disappeared.

Salvador in Seville

Salvador Square has also undergone changes throughout history, but the area is linked to leisure and social life for centuries. Today there are tapas bars at Alfalfa and Salvador that generate this activity, but an Arab souk would be the beginning of this relation.

tapas bars at alfalfa and salvador seville

Although the Salvador square was also known for hosting a cemetery, it is very present in the Seville social life for centuries. As evidence, the square is fixed on the route of the procession of Corpus since its inception.

Tapas Bars at Alfalfa and Salvador

Tapas bars at Alfalfa and Salvador are, especially on holidays and weekend, the meeting point in Seville. Its streets and bars are full and you can feel the joy of living and being in Seville.


On south of Alfalfa, bordering Santa Cruz, is Bar Estrella. One of the tapas bars most traditional of Seville. Open since 1939 keeps the essence of the Sevillian taverns, with a flamenca and bullfight decor and a menu that combines tradition and modernity.

tapas bar estrella alfalfa

Estrella is on the same street that the Flamenco Dance Museum, for to live the culture, tradition and history of tapas in Seville. If you want to know the bar virtually before going, you can do on barestrellasevilla.com.


Bar Augustín & Company is the company at Salvador. Agustín is a new tapas bar in Salvador Square of Seville. In the funniest area of the city, to enjoy tapas, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. A great young atmosphere and decor inspired by photography of the last century.


This small coffeshop is next to Universal. For to know more about the recent opening you can visit the website agustinbar.com.


universal tapas salvadorThis charming tapas bar is located in Salvador square, decorated with photos of the most important authors of the last century. The best is its terrace  or outdoor bar with enviable views on Blanca de los Rios street, and his menu influenced by the universal cuisine.

An ideal place for any time of day. Breakfast at Salvador square or long afternoons of coffee and drinks enjoying the good weather in Seville. For more information, visit the web universalpeoplebar.com.

Donaire House

A creative restaurant in Seville. On Jesus de las Tres Caídas street, adjacent to the Alfalfa square, this tapas bar was known for living the best atmosphere in football and bullfight broadcasts. Nowadays they have an eclectic bar, with elements from Renaissance, Avant-garde and pictures of teh Animal Kingdom.

The popularity of the neighborhood and the tapas, have turned the area on a place of interest for tourists, eager to know the culture of tapas and how to Sevillian people enjoy it. You can see the menu, exact location, history and other curiosities on website donairebar.com.

Only in 5 minutes walking, you can explore these three tapas bars at Alfalfa and Salvador, to enjoy the festive and youthful atmosphere of Seville. Choose your route, booking if you do not want to wait and soak up the cuisine, culture and tradition of tapas in Seville.

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