Seville on bike

(Leer en español) Seville goes on two wheels. The city is included among the best rated for use bike in the streets and thousands of Sevillian people use this mean transport and riding Seville on bike.

Considered the world’s tenth city (was the fourth two years ago) better prepared and more likely for riding a bike according to Copenhagenize organization, cycling through Seville it is quite normal.

seville on bike river

Seville on Bike, the best in Spain

Although this decline in the quality of use is also reflected in the third report of the Integral System Bike University of Seville (SIBUS), the city continues to lead in terms of bike transportation facilities throughout Spain. Thus, although a decrease of 15% is calculated on the number of journeys compared to 2011, there are more than 60 000 journeys every day in Seville.

To this healthy habit of cycling for Seville help the more than 140 kilometers of bike lanes in the city, being able to move between all neighborhoods through the wide avenues. Watch and download the Map of bike lanes of Seville.

en bicicleta por sevilla

The use of bicycles is encouraged by the Administration, in addition to infrastructure and roads, with a good rent bicycles service, Sevici. More than 2,500 bicycles and 250 stations (Sevici Locator points), make easy the use of bike. More than a quarter of journeys are made with public bikes in Seville.

However, according to SIBUS, there are still things to improve and hence the decline in the quality of bike traffic in Seville compared to previous years. The inadequacy of the historic center and areas without specific bike lane, lack of parking and the difficulty to combine bike with public transport are the main problems encountered by users of bicycles in Seville.

seville on bike history

Bike is the best mean of transportation

Nevertheless, the bicycle is a mean of transport much appreciated by Sevillian and visitors of the city. Improves the health of the wearer, it helps to protect the environment, allows a cost savings for users and gives great ease, speed and agility of movement for urban journeys.

Seville leads the use of bicycles in Spain. Because Seville is a city on bike by statement, because the bikes are the protagonists in Seville and, as you can see, bicycles share space on sidewalks and driveways. Because we like to go cycling in Seville … pedaling.

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