Bars at The Maestranza: Toros and Tapas in Seville

(Leer en español) Bars at The Maestranza are part of the bullfighting ritual of the citizens and visitors of Seville. Before and after a bullfight, experts and amateurs find a common place in bars and surrounding areas of the bullring to enjoy long discussions about what has just happened. Baratillo and Pepe Hillo become this way a perfect place to chat and taste a nice wine, a cold beer and tapas or a great liquor.


The Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza is one of the oldest and most important bullrings around the world. It was the first one which was rounded and for many bull-lovers it is the number one in the top when we talk about category and tradition. It is due to this reason that is also known as “La Catedral del Toreo” (The Bullfight Cathedral). Its origins started in the middle of the 18th Century, when the arena of Mount Baratillo was substituted following an idea proposed by the Real Maestranza de Caballería (Royal Cavalry of Seville) .

This brotherhood of cavalry, which is the owner of the bullring, is an historical agrupation in Seville. Although its origins date back to the Reconquest of the 13th Century, it did not take part in society until the 17th Century. Nowadays it participates charitable causes, it gives scholarships, prizes and trophies, it has an editorial and promotes equestrian sports. Anyway, its main purpose is to defend and enhance of the bullfights, as well as the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza.

bars at the maestranza

La Maestranza is in the Arenal neighbourhood in Seville, an area characterised by its young and lively atmosphere. It is an Heritage of Cultural Interest and since 1984 it is National Monument. It is one of the most visited places in Seville. Beside watching a bullfight and having some tapas in the bars at The Maestranza, visitors can see the statues of some important bullfighters that are around the Maestranza and get a ticket for the Bullfighting Museum, which is inside the Plaza.


José Delgado Guerra, as known as Pepe Hillo, was a bullfighter of the 18th Century who promotes the “escuela sevillana” (the Sevillian style to bullfight), a style characterised by its fragility and preciousness Pepe Hillo, emerged as one of the top bullfighters, has a bust in the Bullfighting Museum at the Plaza, In addition, at Adriano street and in front of Tendido 11 (Preferent bleacher 11) of the Plaza, a bar takes his name.


Pepe Hillo is a quirky tapas bar placed in a building known as “La Casa de las Moscas” (The House of Flies). Casa Pepe Hillo looks like the Parisian salons of the 20th Century, uniting tradition and modernism in its decoration. Beside a large collection of bullheads, you can find ancient books decorating its walls. It is one of the most bullfighting among the bars at The Maestranza and its tapas are a reflection of the Sevillian land, the mountains of Huelva and of the Costa de la Luz.

Close to the Maestranza, you can find the Hermandad del Baratillo of Seville. Its closeness to the Plaza and its tradition have become this brotherhood in a religious group which is closely related to bullfighting. It is also called “Hermandad de los Toreros” (The Bullfighters´ Brotherhood) due to this strong link with the Maestranza. At Adriano Street, in front of the Chapel of La Piedad del Baratillo, you can find Bar Baratillo.


It is large room with two different areas whose decoration shows pure Sevillian´s passion. Get inside El Baratillo, it is like going a hundred years back to the past to feel Andalusian tradition. Its wooden roofs, its walls made of stone and its benches from churches of the 19th Century are part of the culture of wine cellars of many years ago. Baratillo also counts with the invaluable view of one of the most important collections of bullheads in Seville. Moreover, it has an exquisite wine list and its tapas are born from the perfect combination of the Andalusian land, sea and air.

Bars at The Maestranza are the best option to soak up the bullfighting world. If you go to a bullfight, visit the Bullfighting Museum or have a walk along the Arenal, take a breath inside Bar Baratillo or Casa Pepe Hillo and feel the tradition. You can get more information about theses Tapas bars in their website. Click on the links.
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