Bullfight and Easter in Seville

(Leer en español) Easter comes to Seville to fill the streets of passion. With its end on Easter Sunday also starts the bullfighting fervor of the city. Bullfight and Easter in Seville merge into one of the great days for many Sevillians.

While the costaleros are helping with the clothes to the other mates, some of them remind the dress on routine of bullfighters. Many of them are bullfighters or a cuadrilla (team of bullfight) members.  They are also accustomed to ask for the venia (permission) before starting his steps, both in the Carrera Oficial (procession way) and bullfighting start.

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The relationship between bullfight and Easter in Seville is great and large. Here we look at some historical facts that reflect and reinforce this union. If the Brotherhood of Silence, the oldest, is a mirror for the rest; the Maestranza, the first round bullring, is the one in which all are fixed.

Today many bullfighters are part of Brotherhoods as a brother more among the faithful. They do not want leadership, they are driven by their devotion. In another time, perhaps without chasing them, there were several bullfighters who became a symbol of Sevillian Brotherhoods.

Bullfight and Easter in Seville

The Maestranza and El Baratillo, neighboring Arenal, live together in harmony for centuries. The figure of San José in the Bullring Chapel has an inscription in honor of Pepe Hillo, omnipresent bullfighter in Seville. But it is in the neighbor Brotherhood of Baratillo where this relationship is evident.

In friendly battle with San Bernardo for being the Brotherhood of bullfighters, El Baratillo counts among its images with the Virgin of Rosario, donated by the own Royal Cavalry of Maestranza, and the Virgin of Charity, patroness of aging bullfighter. Moreover, its Llamador (hummer that produces sounds to alert the costaleros) denotes the taurine nature of the Brotherhood. Two Angels holding a capote (bullfight cloak) and one of them wears a montera (bullfigter hat).

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If we talk about San Bernardo, the Brotherhood of the bullfighters, we must to refer to the Vazquez family, especially Manolo, who donated the dress of his debut to make a frock to the Virgin of Refuge. Another famous bullfighter and member of Cachorro Brotherhood, Juan Belmonte, also wanted to dress the Virgin of his devotion, Esperanza.

The history of bullfight and Easter in Seville most popular is the relationship between Gallito and La Macarena . The bullfighter, as an important member of the Brotherhood, lived the purest cofrade feeling. Two legends accompanying his figure, his bullfighting in the Maestranza for the only purpose of buying the crown now looks the Virgin; and his bull catch in San Sebastian. According to the historical documents, the Macarena medal hanging from his neck prevented the goring on his chest.

Bullfight Fairs

cartel-feria abril toros sevilla 2017

These are just some stories that reflect the relationship between bullfight and Easter in Seville. There are many more, but faithful to the dates approach after Easter, we will now see the lineup poster that opens the bullfight season of the April Fair.
On Easter Sunday start the most important months of bullfighting, with the April Fair, Corpus Christi Fair and San Miguel Fair.

The greatest figures of contemporary bullfighting will be in the Maestranza during April. If you want to enjoy a memorable evening of bullfight, here you can see the full lineup of the April Fair and choose your day.

So with the point on Easter Sunday, the day of bullfight and Easter in Seville, we wanted to show that culture and tradition go hand in hand into two «parties«, if not the most, very significant in Seville. Devout, Faithful and fans enjoy and suffer both of these celebrations, so respect their beliefs and enjoy Seville.

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