Plans for Seville in summer

(Leer en español) Although the heat, Seville is not closed in summer. If you stay in the city without holidays or you have chosen August to come, we propose plans and tips to enjoy Seville in summer.

seville in summer river

Sevillian people continue their festive and cultural events in summer, with plans for all hobbies and budgets. Culture, art and gastronomy do not rest and, although change the scenery or time, remain the protagonists of the city.

Heat of Seville in Summer

We will not deny, in the cruelest hours you will see thermometers above 40 Celsius degrees, thos is hot weather in Seville … Who spoke about afraid? And laziness? We do not know, but they were wrong. What we need is common sense and organization.

The hottest hours of the day are going to dedicate to the siesta, pool or air-conditioned restaurant. Is better go for a walk and explore the city in the early hours of the day. Carries water and sun protection, such as creams or hats.

seville in summer sunbathing

Twelve o´clock is a good time to look for a covered or wet plan until it passes the hot afternoon. Although the beach is near, and someone can say that are sevillian, there is not in Seville unfortunately.

There are swimming pools and water parks where to take a swim and spend the whole day from the umbrella to water and from water to the umbrella. Also, do not be surprised to find tourists and Sevillian people sunbathing on the banks of the River Guadalquivir. The river is a new activities center like Wake Board, Kayak Polo y SUP Yoga. And no, there is no beach

heat seville in summer

Nighttime is the ideal moment to live Seville in summer. We can say that the weather cools a bit, and Sevillian people decide to go out. The atmosphere is more like the rest of the year.

Move on Seville in summer

Spring bustle fades with the summer heat. The streets are quiet, is easy to park, public transport takes less time to arrive, goes faster, is easier to have Sevici bicycles and a pleasure to walk at your own pace wherever you go.

If you visit the downtown, you will see what great pleasure to walk in Tetuan, Sierpes or La Rioja without crowds, under the shade of the awnings and the fresh air coming out of the doors of the shops. You’ll love its automatic opening on your way …

awnings seville

You can play water sports and canoeing on the Guadalquivir instead of suntan on the shore. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the impressive arrival or departure of some of the large cruise ships that dock at Muelle de las Delicias.

Plans for Seville in Summer

Palaces, Churches and Museums

To find the cool, the best is to visit old buildings. Churches, museums and palaces have special timetables in summer. The Cathedral, the Alcazar, the Archivo de Indias and any of the beautiful palaces and museums of Seville can make us have a good, cultural and cool time in summer.

summer seville palace

Cinema, Music and Theater

The art goes out and fill the night. Every nights, without exception, you can find a cultural activity in Seville. There are several outdoor cinemas, as in the Patio de la Diputación, outdoor concerts as in CAAC or in the Alcazar Gardens, theater for all audiences too, as in Marqueses de la Algaba Palace.

List of plans for Sevillian nights in summer.

cinema seville summer

CaixaForum and CC Torre Sevilla

Crossing the river you will find shopping and culture hand in hand. CaixaForum, the great cultural center of Fundación la Caixa in Seville, extends this year its proposal of activities for all Sevillians. Next to Torre Sevilla Shopping Center, the combination of both spaces offers the possibility of spending a whole day sheltered from the heat.

caixaforum torre sevilla

The Primark boom, plus dozens of shops and restaurants are an alternative to spend the morning or afternoon well conditioned by the artificial air. Afterwards, a complete cultural experience at CaixaForum.

Permanent exhibitions of art and science, guided tours and family activities, join cinema and concerts in the summer nights. See all the activities of CaixaForum.


The terraces and bars are the best option to beat the heat. The Santa Cruz district is the best area to walk around and hide from the heat in Seville. Its narrow streets have air currents that allow a pleasant walk despite high temperature. Moreover, you can enjoy the special cold tapas for summer. Santa Cruz keeps some of the best surprises of the cuisine of Seville. You can locate them on the map of the tapa of Santa Cruz.

terrace night seville

Another fantastic area for tapas in Seville is El Salvador. The square, which takes its name from the church that is in it, is covered by awnings and is the trendy place for tapas on weekend. You do not need awnings for dinner, and you can go to the Arenal for to know Andalusian cuisine in bullfight bars near the Maestranza.

Seville is a pioneer in the water sprayed on the terraces. Microclimate systems to cool the outside tables were fashionable during Expo 92. Today, it is difficult to find a terrace without «chorritos» throughout Seville. Thanks to them, you can have lunch or dinner overlooking the Giralda in any bar near the Cathedral or from the Mateos Gago street.

seville terrace

These are our proposals to enjoy Seville in summer. We hope you enjoy the plans in the city, whether you come to visit as if you have not holidays

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