Cruises in Seville, What to do?

(Leer en español) The cruises in Seville are coming. The tourists that are going to arrive in cruise, will find the Passengers Terminal in the Delicias dock. The new Terminal is a rare building that will be use for the first time by the Corinthian cruise arrival in March 2016.

cruises in seville

The cruises in Seville continue acquiring importance regarding both the people number and their enjoyment. Seville, Guadalquivir and its riverside are moderns and prepared to welcome visitors. They will spend wonderful days while the ship is moored in the harbor. In 2016, more than 21,000 cruise passengers came to Seville, a significant increase compared with the previous year. In 2017, were more than 23,000.

Delicias Dock

The Passengers Terminal at Delicias Dock just opened over 1 km² usable and fully equiped. The sustainability of the project is the highlight, whose structure has been built recycling cargo containers. The building should be very functional for Seville, as well as ships welcoming arrival, exhibitions and events will be there in seasons without cruises.

passengers terminal seville cruise

The cruises Terminal in Seville is located in a unique setting, integrated in the María Luisa Park, co-located with some attractions in the city. It is next to the Aquarium of Seville, a place to enjoy the sea and river variety, with more than 400 species distributed in 35 aquariums and a distance of 700 meters.

aquarium seville cruise

Nearby, visitors can see important places of Seville, such as the San Jorge Castle, the Ceramics Museum or the Sewing House of Queen, now the Tourist Office. Besides the visitors of the cruises in Seville have time to venture into the streets of the city to visit more monuments, the Cathedral, the Giralda, its people, its bars and gastronomy.

Gastronomy and bars in Seville

The Cathedral area is amazing for exploring the cuisine of Seville. The bars on the Mateos Gago Street are a benchmark as far as tapas is concerned. Jamón (iberian ham), chacinas (sausages), pescaito (fried fish) and tapas with a modern twist in its preparation and presentation. It is a meeting point between Sevillian and tourists, allowing visitors to learn the culture and gastronomic tradition of the city. Is the same at Santa Cruz district.

cruise in seville bullring

If we look at the decor, tradition in Seville is markedly taurine and you can see it in the bars at Maestranza bullring. There is no better place to soak up the style. Pepe Hillo and Baratillo are mythical bars in the world of bullfighting in Seville and you can visit them to feel like a Sevillian during the cruise stay in Seville.

Cruises in Seville

Every year the cruises season in Seville opens with the arrival of some ship on Easter (How is Easter in Seville?). Other 40 cruises escales in Seville have been place in Seville each year, besides the Belle de Guadix that takes a cruise on the Guadalquivir.

cruise in seville wheel

The giant Braemar returns to Seville in several times. Aegean Odissey and Corinthian are others that actually confirmed the scale of the cruise in Seville. You can see the full list here and enjoy the city during your stay.

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