Carnival in Seville

(Leer en español) If you want to spend these Carnival in Seville, or if you are Sevillian and you are going to stay in the city, you should know what to do and how to take advantage of this festivity. Carnival is not the most important date in Seville, but the city is always enjoyable if you know where to go and what to visit.

The first option, almost a must, we proposed in our Tapas Blog in Seville is to discover Andalusian gastronomy in any of the bars of the Historical Centre. The Cathedral, Giralda, Santa Cruz, Arenal, El Salvador, Maestranza or Postigo are the best places to live Carnival days, other festivity or just a weekend with an unsurpassable atmosphere of taste, culture and tradition.

carnaval in seville

Although we have previously said, Carnival is also celebrated in Seville so, however ugly it would be, you can wear a mask during these days because nobody is going to stare at you with and strange expression on their face. Beside “El Falla en Sevilla”, which has become an important and successful appointment in the city, the Carnival group from the neighbourhood of San Jerónimo organizaed the first competition of Carnival in Seville last year. Some areas such as La Alameda still maintain the Carnival tradition which was started years ago. Come or stay, and enjoy Carnival in Seville.

EL FALLA en Sevilla 2017

Seville celebrates this festival bringing to the city the atmosphere of Cadiz. You can discover the best Carnival chirigotas and comparsas  like in Cadiz, but  in the FIBES Auditorium of Seville. Chirigota del Selu “MI SUEGRA COMO YA DIJE”, Chirigota del Canijo de Carmona “NO VALEMO UN DURO”, “LOS IRRACIONALES” are some groups part of the cartel of this year.

falla in seville

El Falla en Sevillais celebrated for two consecutive weekends, this year on March. Try to get the most of it and go after the chirigotas to any of the bars of the centre to keep on with the party.


Carnival in Seville opened last year its own contest of chirigotas and comparsas. The Carnival Association El Empalme, which has organised Carnival for 22 years, will realize the desires of many Sevillian citizens. This contest was celebrated in the Auditorium of the San José de los Padres Blancos school, at Los Remedios neighbourhood.

carnival in seville 2016

All the tickets collection was invested for solidarity. This year, we have not notice about this contest.

Although last year was the first one with an official competition, Seville has been always really connected with the Carnival of Cadiz, one of the most well known around the world. Beside the groups that go to Cadiz to compete, the city has been many times the reason for which was written many of the coplas that could be listened in past contests. We highlight the following one of Antonio Martín, “Calle de Sevilla” to open your celebration of Carnival.

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