Tapas Menu or letter for the Three Wise Men in Seville

(Leer en Español). During these days of happiness, we remind the letter for the Three Wise Men. The letter is written full of hope, based on the wishes we accumulate along the year. In our bars in Seville, we create our letter- tapas menu with a flight of fancy , attending to those wishes you have shown us for years and trying to present you unforgettable moments.

If you like walking or if you don’t, for sure you have had a walk in Seville and you have found its streets crowded of people from different places and different styles. However, we all share things in common and that is why we finally concur in the same places. That is the way we think when we create our letter– tapas menu.

tapas menu

We attempt to offer you quality and the best taste you can enjoy ever, things that are common among the requirements of our customers, but we try to adapt our proposals to the variety of likes that the friends who come to visit us from the different parts of this city, this country or around the world have.

We always choose the best products of land, sea and air, and we process them with respect to develop the dishes you expect to find in our lettertapas menu. Inside our kitchens we maintain the essence of tradition and the typical tastes of our land, but we provide a different point to those recipes showing a modern presentation to create modern and unique tapas that for sure you will love.

The streets of Seville are impregnated with odors as orange blossom, incense and tapeo. If you want to live a great experience, enter into any of the bars of the historic city centre. In the Cathedral Quarter, walking the streets of Santa Cruz, close to the Maestranza,  Salvador Square or La Alfalfa, we will wait for your visit to offer the best tastes and odors of the town.

tapas menu seville

You will enjoy a marvellous wine or a nice and cold beer as the best company for your choices of our tapas menu. There are creations for all tastes: young or experienced, autochthonous or foreigns, with family or with friends. We are ready to offer you what you are looking for, and all is in our menu. A letter-menu for the Three Wise Men, elaborated by attending to your requirements along the years and working on the dream of giving you the best to fulfill your desires.

If you cannot count on the Three Wise Men, do it on us. If they give you everything you asked for, come and celebrate it. We value your opinion and we make things easy… and tasty. Visit these websites directory (click here) of the bars of the historic city centre and have a look at the menus. They are translated to different languages and the prices are included. As we said before, we make things easy and tasty 🙂

¡Enjoy the Letter– Tapas menu!

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