International Cocktails in Seville

(Leer en Español) Is well known that the city of Seville boils in summertime. Citizens and foreigners look for a place to been sheltered of sun. But is also known that this temperatures are present the whole year, so we have put together a list of places where to find amazing and cold cocktails in Seville.


Althought Rebujito and Sangría are the typical sevillian cocktails , we are not going to talk about them in this post. Instead of this, we will show you  which are the best cocktails in Seville and where to find them:

International Cocktails


Aperol Spritz is a very special mixed drink for Italian people. The Spritz is native of northern Italia, but nowadays is very popular in the whole country. Depending on personal taste, it can be made with 2 kind of liquors, Aperol or Campari.

The main difference between them is the amount of alcohol.  Aperol is softer and has the half of alcohol that Campari. Both have in common the white wine an soda as ingredients for the elaboration.

sevilla aperol spritz

This trendy cocktail can be found in many bars but maybe not so well prepared. It is the reason why we would like to highlight the Aperol Spritz of Agustin & Company. The bar has great bartenders who will prepare the cocktail as the same way as it is made in a piazza venziana.

Moreover, it is typical in Italy to drink this cocktail accompanied of seafood plates.  That is the way we do it in Salvador Square, with the most traditional cold tapas in Seville.


This Cuban cocktail was not always intended as a cool drink. The privateer Sir Francis Drake popularized this beverage among navigators with other intentions. At first it was called Draquecito, containing sugar cane schnapps, sugar, lemon and mint, and they drank the mix to avoid stomach aches, cholera or scurvy.

classic mojito cocktails in Seville

The recipe has changed over the years and the mix has become what we know nowadays. Currently this cocktail is one of the most popular and ordered in the world. The traditional Mojito ingredients are these:

  • 14 g of refined sugar
  • 7 g of peppermint
  • Half lemon or lime juice
  • 45 ml of White Rum
  • Crushed ice

In addition, different variations of the recipe have appeared. An example is the Straberry Mojito.

Mojito fresa en Sevilla

This variant of the cocktail has the sweet taste of the strawberry, perfect for those that do not like the classic one so much. Despite finding well made mojitos is not easy, we have discovered an amazing Mojito in Luca’s City Bar, located at Salvador Square and Alfalfa district too.


Tequila, Triple sec, lemon juice and salt are the ingredients for this Mexican cocktail. Although there are lot of stories related to the origin of the Margarita, we love this one.  Jose Cuervo tried to capture it in his commercial…

Agustin & Company terrace is our favorite place in downtown for to order cocktails in Seville. They have a very complete cocktail list and they prepare stunning Margaritas. The Agustin & Company bartenders use Tequila Patron for Margarita. This kind of Tequila is elaborated with highest quality blue agave, which provides a sweet and citric touch.

Cocktails in Seville Margarita


If you wanna try cocktails in Seville suitable for everybody, you should taste the San Francisco. It is a cool, sweet and alcohol free drink made with peach, pineapple and orange juice seasoned with a touch of grenadine. Personally we love the San Francisco cocktail in Universal People because of his natural flavour due to a not excessive use of dyes or syrups.

Cocktail in Seville San Francisco

To sum up, we can find international cocktails in Seville, especially in Salvador Square. We can find beautiful terraces there, where to taste cool and well elaborated cocktails. Mojito, Margarita, Aperol Spritz or San Francisco are just some of the cocktails that appear on the cocktail list of these bars. Would you recommend others?