Sangria in Seville for tapas

(Leer en español) It has become increasingly popular to drink sangria in Seville. Many tourists that come to the city, come with the idea of tasting this drink, based on wine and fruit. It is making Seville one of the outstanding spots to choose different recipes. It is easy, just almost obligatory, to find the option of accompanying the lunch or dinner with sangria at bars and restaurants of the city.

Origin of sangria

Although there are several countries that want to attribute them the creation, the truth is that the ‘sangría‘ as such, belongs to Spain and Portugal. It is dictated by European commerce regulations. No other country can sell this packaged beverage as ‘sangría‘, although they can market «drinks made from wine and fruit», never with the original name.

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In Spain it is considered a Mediterranean drink. It began like a soda for farmers, who used their products, wine and seasonal fruit. About the first recipes of sangria, we can see in the TV serie ‘La Peste’ (16th century) that the people already consumed a similar drink, hipocrás (wine with honey, spices or fruit).

There are evidences of the consumption of wine with water and sugar in Classical Greece, so the mixture of these ingredients is not certainly new. About the attribution of the «invention», English people maintain that sangria descend from their Punch, derived from the Pac of their colony in India. Some French people say that their Sang-gris cocktail precedes the sangria.

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However the old Spanish colonies in South America also consumed sangría in the 19th century. The wine lemonade was a refreshing drink that was traditionally consumed in a Spanish glass jug. Thus, the idea of combining wine with sweet fruits can not be attributed faithfully to any origin.

Sangria in Seville

The truth is that its popularity in Spain is uncomparable, a fact that is demostrated with the intention of foreign visitors to taste the authentic sangria in Seville when they are in the city. Also the name is clearly Spanish, since it comes from the blood color that the mixture acquires.

sangria sevilla

Misleading sweet drinks are very popular in the south of the country. We refer to the refreshing drinks that ends taking a physical toll on people. We have already seen what happens with the rebujito, and something similar happens with the sangria. On

You start with one and you can not stop. When you are with the fifth jug, everything turns, but with it, you go to the bed for siesta as never before. We do not know if it has Andalusian origin. And the truth is that we do not care. The fact is that it is the queen of the Andalusian bars and we love it .

Cool and sweet drink, ideal for lunch and dinner. Sangria in Seville is not a cocktail, it is rather a table drink that is served in a jug for to share with other diners.

The first result that appears on Google when you looking for «la mejor sangria de Sevilla» (the best sangria in Seville) is from Taberna Belmonte. And we have tasted it. Good wine, fresh ingredients, proper maceration and friendly service help us to be agree …

Sangria recipe

The recipe of sangria in Seville and the rest of Spain includes young and fruity wine as the base of the drink, diluted with water or soft drink. Sometimes the barman avoid to mix the wine, using a previously wine preparation with soda as the base of the sangria. The sugar or syrup, in a suitable proportion, provides sweetness.

Lemon and orange are the ideal fruits for the bitter touch of the sangria. In addition, you have to chop and marinate aromatic seasonal fruits, such as apricot, peach, pear or apple. More less two hours in the wine mixture is enough. The touch that make difference in the recipe is the vermouth or liquor that usually is added to the sangria.

There are dozens of different recipes in Seville and thousands of tastes by part of the drinker. What is always the same is the jug, with a narrow mouth that prevents fruit and ice falling into the glass. In addition, a stick or paddle to remove the sangria always likes the customer.

An original sangria in Seville for us is served in Agustín & Company. The young team makes the sangria with fresh seasonal fruit, cinnamon liquor, triple dry, brandy, vermouth and prepared of sangria already mixed (instead of young wine and soda). «This is how the best sangria in Seville is made», they tell us while sent us this video …

Moreover they have White Sangria, similar to conventional but with white wine, and their own invented sangria, ‘Andalusian Sangria‘… you must to go to Agustín & Company and taste it…