Universal Café and tapas at Salvador Square

(Leer en español) Universal Café is one of the most classic bars in Seville. A place for neighbors, for Sevillians looking for the peace of a neighborhood bar. Now it is a brewery and restaurant for to share and live together with universal people… they chose a good name.

¡¡¡ Universal is now Universal People, a modern tapas restaurant with a amazing decor. More info !!!

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Tourism grows exponentially in the city and places like Salvador Square, where Universal Café is located, are a must on the visitor’s route.

Where is Universal Café?

Salvador Square is one of the liveliest places in Seville. The confluent of neighbors and tourists gives this area a young and funny atmosphere every day, especially on weekends.

universal café salvador

Just next, a precious and almost hidden bar is welcoming guests and first-time visitors, who swear to return before leaving.

Universal Café is two steps from San Francisco Square and the City Hall, three steps from Nueva Square and the commercial area, and five minutes from the Giralda and the Cathedral. The restaurant is at the epicenter of Sevillian life…

How is Universal Café?

There are many ‘Universal’ coffee shops and breweries around the world. In fact there was another with this name in Seville until recently. This one is different and we love it.

universal café seville

A small space divided into three parts. In the main hall there are about ten tables spread over a room in which the decoration is the main protagonist.

Surrealism in Seville

Universal Café has surrealist motifs that create a unique place in Seville. Cages with books instead of birds, unfinished art works, bizarre sculptures and all kinds of elements that create strangely an elegant and sophisticated space.

universal cafe decor

Universal Café and art are in love. A complete collection of the best photographers of the twentieth century adorns the bar and walls of the restaurant. The other glass walls are an advantage to enjoy the stay with views of the square and the church of El Salvador.

‘Cafelito’ and its terrace at Salvador

universal salvadorThere is a small adjoining room known as ‘Cafelito’ among the Sevillian people. This room is open since morning for Sevillian breakfast.

An exceptional option to enjoy Universal Café is its terrace at El Salvador. Also with few tables, it is a heaven of tranquility in the bustle of the square. Good weather, good atmosphere and great menu to live wonderful moments from coffee in the morning to drinks in the evening.

Tapas at Universal Café

The most gastronomic Seville is a mix based on typical tapas and modern cuisine. Two concepts that sometimes complement each other and sometimes come obligatorily together.

universal cafe terraces

They have from the typical Andalusian breakfast with toast, coffee and orange juice to the most international with eggs and bacon. They have tapas at mid-morning, the most copious dinner, simple lunchs or sweet snacks for afternoons.

A classic restaurant, a tapas bar whose menu has all the traditional recipes; and at the same time a new gourmet space, with chef suggestions that you will only find here.

cafe universal tapas

For to drink, a wide selection of craft and international beers and a select wine list of the most recognized Denominations of Origin in the country.

Thus, you can enjoy from the first coffee in the morning until the penultimate liquor at night at Universal Café. If you want to know more, visit it or start by approaching online…

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