Bar Agustín & Co: Tapas at Salvador in Seville

(Leer en español) Salvador Square in Seville is the quintessential tapas area. It is the place preferred by young people for tapas in Seville on weekend. Bar Agustín & Company is the new reference site for enjoy tapas at El Salvador. A new concept bar for the company in Spain.

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How is Bar Agustín & Co

Agustín Bar & Co is a tribute to the last century top photographers. It is an ideal bar to enjoy traditional food with a touch of modern cuisine. You will be surrounded by a decor inspired by the genius of twentieth-century photography.

Since their opening, they keep the Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor, web where Agustín reached the first position of restaurants in Seville.

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The tribute to photography starts from the outside of the bar. On the facade you can find the image of the «Salvador girl» (as we call it in BarTapasSevilla), a work of Alice Springs that gladdens the terrace bar. Inside, continues the journey through the most representative images of other authors like Irving Penn and some lesser known and original works that only are in Bar Agustín.

Where is Bar Agustín & Co

Next to the Salvador Square in Seville, a short walk from the Cathedral and the City Hall, Bar Agustín & Co is the perfect place of rest and celebration in Seville. Beer, wine, tapas, lunches, dinners, coffees, drinks and everything you need to enjoy the company at Salvador Square.

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Good atmosphere, tapas and terraces make this place a unique area in the city. All in the shadow of the largest church in Seville after the Cathedral, Divino Salvador (Divine Savior) church.

What to eat in Bar Agustín & Co

A bar to taste typical tapas with innovative touch of Sevillian chef Emiliano Sánchez. Prime local products and passion for the cuisine are the perfect formula to enjoy tapas at Salvador. Thanks to the open to the public kitchen, you can view the preparation of the nearly 100 tapas menu.

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If you want to live a unique experience with the company of El Salvador Square, discover Bar Agustín & Co and enjoy the new trendy bar in Seville.

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More info:

Facebook: Agustín Bar & Co
Google+: Agustín Bar & Co


  1. Hello my friends,

    Thank you for taking good care of me and my family on Saturday night. I tried to write a Trip Advisor review but was unable to find you on the site??

    Once your are up on TripAdvisor I will be happy to endorse you.

    See you next time.

    Raffaele Aiello
    Vancouver, Canada

    • Hello Raffaele. The Agustín & Co Team is trying to inscribe the bar on Trip Advisor. However, Trip Advisor do not let them it easy. Thank you for the visit and your words. We are happy if you enjoy with us. Best regards for you and your family Raffaele.

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