Romantic date in Seville: A route map

(Leer en español) Few places are as romantic as Seville. You can spend a nice day in the most idyllic squares or gardens and put the finishing touch to your romantic date in Seville with a couple in love dinner.

A romantic date in seville

We propose a romantic route in Seville to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love. There are hundreds of romantic places to turn February 14th into a special day. Not only, because the city is romantic during all year.

romantic date in seville

Triana Bridge

Isabel II is as it is called really. Here we set the starting point for this romantic walk. The perfect time, when the sun goes down. Enjoy together those moment with a hug that seems eternal and start the route

romantic date triana

Guadalquivir riverside

From the Triana Bridge across the San Telmo Bridge, you can walk quietly by the riverside and enjoy the young and relaxed atmosphere near the river. Continue along Paseo de las Delicias and enter the most famous and romantic park in Seville.

romantic date guadalquivir

María Luisa Park

There are dozens of romantic spots in María Luisa Park. Small squares, benches and trails to get lost for a few minutes. Stand in front of the greatest exponent of Sevillian Romanticism and admire the Bécquer roundabout or guide your steps to the top of Gurugú hill.

romantic date park

Spain Square

In María Luisa Park, is this beautiful place to enjoy romantic plans. In addition to admiring the Square, you can rest your feet for a few minutes. This is the time that you can see the ceramic tiles taking a barque ride along the canal of the Square. Paddling without discussions… is romantic date!

romantic date seville square

Murillo Garden

Make peace if the paddling was not all the romantic you hoped for and leave the square. Continue to the Murillo Garden and make romantic each step in this beautiful walkside. Then, we arrive to the next destination of this romantic route.

romantic date seville garden

Santa Cruz District

The narrow alleys and the Andalusian patios make Santa Cruz an ideal place for a romantic date in Seville. In addition, in the walk you will find places where to stand with your partner and stop the time, reliving knowns love stories. The Doña Elvira Square, which takes the name of the young lady courted by Don Juan, is the best example.

romantic date santa cruz

Alcázares wall and Cathedral

Finish your walk leaving Santa Cruz through the Alcázares wall towards the Cathedral. As the night approaches, this area is very quiet and ideal for walking hand in hand. Imagine how many couples have taken these steps before you…

romantic date cathedral

Romantic dinner in Seville

After this idyllic romantic walk, the butterflies that flutter in the stomach are not just love … Is hunger? We propose some restaurants in which to reserve a table for two and to end this special romantic date.

romantic dinner in seville

Right next where you finished the walk, there are several options to enjoy the romantic dinner in Seville. We say you some of them…

Pelayo Bar

One of the most upgrowthed restaurants in 2016. Open to the public since one year, its decoration and vertical garden turn it into the ideal place to finish a romantic date.

romantic date seville

It is in Placentines Street, with a lovely views of the Giralda. They admit booking as well. You can see more on their website.

Bar Catedral

Have a romantic dinner in Seville close to the Cathedral. It is a popular and cheap tapas restaurant with a very careful decoration. Booking a table for two in a quiet corner of the restaurant may be the best option for your romantic date in Seville.

romantic dinner cathedral

It is in Mateos Gago Street and you have more information on its website.

Bar Agustín & Company

You will have to walk a little more. Just cross the San Francisco Square to El Salvador Square. Five more minutes of romantic walk are well worth … It is a small restaurant ideal for couples.

romantic dinner seville

Whether inside or at terrace, the decor, the views, the atmosphere and the exquisite treatment of the staff, make it another great choice for your romantic dinner in Seville on Valentine’s Day. They also allow reservations on website.

This is the map of the romantic date in Seville