Pelayo Bar: Tapas from the Vertical Garden in Seville

(Leer en español) Do you know who was Pelayo? Pelayo Bar in Seville takes its name from an old neighbour. Bohemian, painter, writer, lover of people and wine, he inspires the innovation of this restaurant. We highlighted its vertical garden and the tapas blooming from it.

pelayo bar giralda street

In  2019 has been prizewinner by Trip Advisor with the Certificate of Excellence based on clients opinions. Pelayo has this insignia since they opened the restaurant, three consecutive years.

A tapas bar to enjoy relaxing away from the bustle that existed centuries ago in these halls. The Placentines street or callejuela (bystreet), was a meeting point of the Italian merchants settled in Seville during the fifteenth century. At one end opens into the street Argote de Molina, on the other, La Giralda, that can be see from the door of the restaurant.

pelayo bar seville giraldillo

La Giralda is seen from the door because it is 100 meters. If we say that the tower height surpasses it by little … Do you know where the Giraldillo would rest if we lay down La Giralda? Exactly on the floor of the entrance of Pelayo Bar, where there is a detail that informs us of this fact.

Three Rooms at Pelayo Bar

This entry is a dinning room overlooking the neighbours and tourists walking through Placentines Street. It is also the ideal place to see live professional iberian ham cutters.

pelayo bar entry

In the second room, the bar and several tables more to share tapas with friends and family. The decor is based on the old bullfighting wineries, with bullheads and barrels on the walls. However Pelayo Bar take the bohemian inspiration by Pelayo to mix with other avant-garde and futuristic elements. You’ll have to see …

pelayo bar seville

To reach the inner hall you have to cross the most popular area in Pelayo Bar. In one of its walls, you will find a beautiful and flowery natural vertical garden. Moreover it keeps inside the engine room of the restaurant, the kitchen. So the tapas go out by an open window in the vertical garden.

pelayo bar vertical garden

After the stop and photo on the vertical garden, we reach the third room, a spacious dinning room ideal for large meetings. Each wall is decorated with images of the most popular Spanish comics, like Capitán Trueno or Roberto Alcázar y Pedrín. The game of colored lights gives the final touch to the room.

pelayo bar comic

In Pelayo Bar everything is taken care of. For example if you go to the bathroom, you will discover on their walls the grape varieties chosen for wines that you can taste in the restaurant.

pelayo bathroom

Lunch or Dinner at Pelayo Bar

The kitchen, headed by chef Emiliano Sanchez, is a true reflection of the identity of Pelayo Bar. Local products and traditional recipes with an innovative touch that updates it and transform it in new tapas. Thus we find for example pig cheeks with mushroom foam or false flamenquín of pancakes.

tapas pelayo bar

After lunch or dinner at Pelayo Bar, the dessert is a must. A selection of the best Sevillian cupcakes and parfaits are waiting in the fridge to help slow digestion and accompany the coffee.

If you want to know more about Pelayo Bar, visit the website, follow them on Facebook and Instagram or taste the tapas at Placentines, 25 How to get? Remember, only 100 metres from the Cathedral, where the Giraldillo would rest if we lay down the La Giralda.

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