Antigüedades Bar: Tapas, terrace and orange trees

(Leer en español) Antigüedades Bar is one of those restaurants worth knowing its history. With a terrace symbol of the more multicultural Seville, the building occupying the bar has gone through several stages. The one that is now a meeting point next to the Patio de los Naranjos (Orange trees garden at Cathedral), has a long history behind…

History of Antigüedades bar

Antigüedades Bar is in a beautiful house with more than 300 years old. In the downtown of Seville, was opened like tailoring first. After it became an inn and later it would be acquired by a French family as home. They was charmed of the views to the Cathedral and the Giralda from its rooftop.

antigüedades bar seville

Finally, before becoming Antigüedades Bar, it housed a relic and antiques shop, hence its name. The shop became an artistic reference for an entire Sevillian generation.

Already as Antigüedades, it was until a few years ago a pub more than a bar. A select place among the Sevillian people for a drink among friends. With a surreal decoration, full of art and objects of collection of different times, it gained in popularity unitl the first decade of 21st century.

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Since a few years Antigüedades Bar has become an institution of good eating. Its customers enjoy classic tapas with avant-garde elaborations, to taste the most traditional flavor with a touch of modernity that sets it apart from the rest.

Where is Antigüedades Bar

A few steps from the Cathedral of Seville, on the Argote de Molina street (before Cuesta del bacalao, Slope of cod) we find Antigüedades Bar. From its wide and always cheerful terrace, you can smell the orange blossom from the Patio de los Naranjos of the Sevillian Cathedral. So the city and gastronomy lovers have a must visit to this modern tapas bar.

antiguedades bar decor

In Antigüedades Bar you live a sensorial experience from the arrival. With an air impregnated with orange blossom and the freshness of the Seville orange trees, the visitor guides his steps towards the lively terrace. With several tables, well lit and cozy, it is an extension of the interior.

How is Antigüedades Bar?

To know it thoroughly you have to leave the terrace and enter a unique space in the city of Seville. The Antigüedades Bar decor mixes Roman and Arab elements. You can find for example XVI century carvings on the ceiling or Renaissance marbles on its walls and columns.

antigüedades bar terrace

To join up this composition, highlight elements of the funniest and colourful Surrealism. Pictures and historical objects from different periods that adorn every corner to amaze you. All this induce you a so unforgettable experience that you will only remember that you are going to eat when you decide to look at the menu. If you do not speak Spanish do not worry, you will find the menu in 9 different languages.

Tapas in Antigüedades Bar

If you see the menu of Antigüedades Bar, you will find the most traditional tapas, accompanied by some new culinary and international recipes. Its cuisine is based on the passion and simplicity to offer you the best selection of tapas and typical dishes of Seville.

With innovative touchs in the concept or design of the elaborations, you can taste the most traditional dressings, scrambled of all kinds, iberian saussages, salmorejos, croquettes, stews, fish fritters … In addition, you can taste international tapas with great success among the diners, like tartar and different carpaccios.

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So this is our virtual summary of a visit to Antigüedades Bar. To live the experience for yourself, you will have to go, surprise yourself with the decoration and savor their tapas.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the restaurant on the website or its Facebook page. To secure a seat, you can book through the form. We cut you the way with this button:

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