Tapas with jam in Seville and where to taste it

[su_highlight]Leer en español[/su_highlight] We usually associate jam with breakfasts and desserts. Spread on a toast or a croissant, as a garnish of a cake and accompanied by a coffee or a cup of tea. However, jam is a quite nutritive food with many culinary possibilities. Furthermore, there are some tapas with jam in Sevillemarmalade which British Royal Family would love.

That’s why we decide to pay tribute to this sweet ingredient, selecting tapas with jam from some of our favourite tapas bar in Seville.


But first, let’s talk about jam. It’s a preserved fruit boiled in sugar. The 30% of its content must be fruit, and it will be considered high quality jam if it exceeds the 50%. What’s more, jam has a remarkably high vitamin and fibre content. However, you mustn’t confuse it with the Spanish jam called “confitura”, which is made with the flesh of the fruit boiled in syrup.

Tapas with jam in Seville

Now that you know a little more about jam, let’s start with our selection of tapas with jam that we have tasted in Seville.

Baked goat cheese with peach jam

As good Sevillians, we met at Salvador Square to start this jam route. You will find here several tapas bars with quite pretty terraces and a friendly atmosphere. We came to one of our favourites and ordered the first tapa with jam.


This tapa was the baked goat cheese with peach jam at Bar Agustin terrace. It includes some small pieces of toasted bread so you can spread the jam on them. The contrast of flavours is a highly recommendable experience.

Baked goat cheese on oil and rosemary «torta» with honey and roasted pepper jam

We don’t usually repeat tapa when we make a list of suggestions to look for variety, according to different tastes. However, we think this one deserves an exception because we loved it.


You will find this tapa at Taberna Belmonte, at the end of Mateos Gago street. The roasted pepper jam mixes perfectly with the honey, and they’re a nice accompaniment for the goat cheese. What’s more, the oil and rosemary “torta” (the torta is a kind of Andalusian cake, similar like a toast) give a special tasty touch to the dish. 100% recommended.

Cod with mango parmentier and tomato jam

As we were at Mateos Gago, we took a walk around the street. There are good options for tapas in this zone. Suddenly, we spotted a tapa which caught our attention on the tapas bar board.


So, we sat at Casa Tomate terrace and ordered the cod with mango parmentier and tomato jam. We were drawn by the interesting combination of ingredients, and we made an excellent choice because the flavour was surprisingly delicious.

Toast with grilled duck liver and Seville bitter orange marmalade

If you come to Seville, you’re probably notice the big amount of orange trees we have in our city. They were introduced by the Genoese marines in the 12th century, but the real promoters of these trees were the Moors from Al-Andalus. In fact, we have our own orange variety, the “Naranja Amarga de Sevilla”, known internationally as Seville Bitter Orange.


From this variety comes the Seville Orange Marmalade, the Queen Elizabeth’s favourite jam. This marmalade is used as well in this tapa from Bar Pelayo. The toast with grilled duck liver and Seville bitter orange marmalade it’s a nice dish that we highly recommend. A royal tasty flavour.

Duck magret with tomato jam

Sorry, but we must repeat ingredient again. We remembered it when tried the grilled duck liver toast from Pelayo. This one appeared in our post of gluten free tapas in Seville (there will be an English version soon). If we talk about tapas with jam in Seville, this one must be mentioned.


At 5 minutes walking from Pelayo there’s a tapas bar called Bar Postiguillo. It has a complete menu which includes both traditional and modern tapas. Duck magret with tomato jam caught our attention the day we spotted it, and we think we should recommend you again. The contrast between the jam and the meat is amazing.

The goal of eating out is the dessert

When we finished the magret, we went to one of our favourite terraces in Alfalfa to drink some cocktails. However, we noticed a dessert that we found a good ending for this route of tapas with jam in Seville.


In Donaire House you will find several good options for desserts, but we decided to keep on the jam, so we ordered the cheesecake with strawberry jam. It’s fully homemade. If you like sweets after having lunch, we absolutely recommend this tapas bar.

As you can see, jam is a very versatile ingredient that can offer many gastronomic possibilities. We hope you like these tapas with jam in Seville as we do. In case you come to visit Seville and see the orange trees, think about the possibility that its oranges end up in the Queen of England’s toast…