Sevillian Easter Tapas

(Leer en español) Seville lives very special days during Lent and Easter. The city wakes up with a popular feeling of waking every day. Believers or not, it is unavoidable that people living in or visiting Seville alter their routines those days. Lot of people are on the streets to watch the processions and dragged by tradition, culture or faith, change their consumer and transit habits. Like to have to choose different routes around the city, bars and restaurants offer different Sevillian Easter Tapas to approach the customs.

sevillian easter tapas torrijas

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For Catholics, one of the routines is to eliminate meat from their diet at this time, especially on Ash Wednesday, the Fridays of Lent and Good Friday. This seeks to symbolically honor the wishes of Jesus that appear in Scripture. It is also a tradition inherited from the Roman Catholic Church.

(John 21:5 ESV) Jesus said to them, “Children, do you have any fish?” They answered him, “No.”

Beliefs aside, this is a special time to taste the typical dishes from each region. Here you can enjoy Sevillian Easter tapas, with a large increase in their preparation and offering. In general, two products are the highlights: Cod and Torrijas (Arme ritter in Germany, Pain perdu in France, Poor Knights in England and French Toast in other countries…)


Torrijas are pieces of fried bread soaked in milk or mistela (sweet wine). Usually it has a touch of lemon, honey and cinnamon depending on the recipe, different in every city and kitchen. The torrija is taken as breakfast, snack or dessert and is the star of the varied Sevillian Easter confectionery. Manzanilla, fino, orange or chocolate are some of the ingredients that are added in different Sevillian homes; they choose a thick or thin bread, traditional or special loaf and big or small size.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison, but you can not go through Seville at Easter and not eat one of these tasty chunks of bread. Tapas bars in the center of Seville will always have, if left in the pantry, torrijas to offer you while enjoying the Sevillian Easter tapas.


As for savory dishes, cod is the king of the Sevillian Easter tapas. If you ask to Sevillian people what to ask for in a tapas bar, perhaps they recommend pavías cod. It is breaded strips of cod consumed as an appetizer or hasty lunch. However, many other recipes such as cod sinkers, fritters or croquettes are very popular as Sevillian Easter tapas, highlighting this type of fried food in Bar Catedral, Cervecería Giralda, Bar Baratillo and Bar Postiguillo.

Apart from these two flagship recipes, many are Sevillian Easter tapas which become outstanding dishes in bars these days. All kinds of fish and a great creativity with vegetables and dairy products shape the Seville cookbook. Then we propose some suggestions to live, taste and enjoy Easter in Seville. Enjoy your meal!

Sevillian Easter Tapas

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Baked tuna with onion
Bar El Baratillobaratillo-semanasanta

Grilled octopus
Bar Catedralcatedral-semanasanta

‘Pepehillo’ Cod
Casa Pepe Hillopepehillo-semanasanta

Brava fries
Bar La Sacristíasacristia-semanasanta

Scorpionfish spread with rusk Bar Estrellaestrella-semanasanta

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Shitake with prawns
Cervecería Giralda

Salmon tartar
Antigüedades Barantiguedades-semanasanta

Stuffed Avocado
Bar Postiguillopostiguillo-semanasanta

Manchego cheese croquettes Bar Patanchónpatanchon-semanasanta

Tuna with tomato Agustín & Company

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Garlic Prawns
Pelayo Barlangostinos al ajillo

Tuna and ‘tortillitas’ millefeuille Belmontebelmonte-semanasanta

Avocado, tomato and onion
Donaire Housedonaire-semanasanta

Baked peppers stuffed with ratatouille Casa Tomatetomate-semanasanta

Russian Salad Universal People New Bar


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