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(Leer en español) If you have plan to visit Seville during Easter (Semana Santa), you should know some Tips before and follow the advices given for visitors by Sevillian people. It is a Seville Easter guide to enjoy it, both in its religious and cultural aspect. If you do not know much about Easter in Seville, maybe you have to read How is Easter in Seville? before.

Seville EASTER guide 

Easter is a date of solemnity and respect in all Sevillian streets, flooded with Processions and people with great devotion by the Images and all they represent. So, you should keep quiet as far as possible and especially not to make a fuss in your travel through Seville. As a tip, the color of the robes of the Nazarenes can give you a clue. The darker, more solemn is the procession and the clearer, more popular and distended. In the same way, you will see that on Thursday and Friday many Sevillian go mourning, men in dark suits and women with mantilla.

Each procession has its own schedule and itinerary, with some variation included in the Seville Easter guide, is repeated every year. Most Brotherhoods take their Pasos when the afternoon begins and return to their Chapels around 00:00 after visiting the Cathedral through the Carrera Oficial. The Madrugá is in the night from Thursday to Friday, and the processions take place from 1:00 to 12:00 approximately. If you follow the Pasos on his return, you’ll enjoy the Saetas, dedicated to the Images mostly on this time.

easter guide in seville

To see the complete pass of a Procession is better look for broad avenues in quiet times and avoids intersections. Between 16:00 and 20:00 there is usually less tumult and may even follow the last Paso, the Virgin, and you will can to enjoy the rhythmic movements between costaleros and marching bands. If you want to see the complete Procession, be sure to enter the street before the Nazarenes and make a gap that allows you to view traffic without much burden.

If your route have to cross the passage of a Brotherhood, it is preferable to use the marked areas for this purpose. If you can not to locate or you have an emergency, you can always cross using common sense and asking politely step where you need to. If you intend to visit the two hot spots in the Carrera Oficial, start at La Campana and arrival at the Cathedral, you will have to make a detour to get from one to another. It should be done through the Mateos Gago street, where you will also find a unique gastronomic space in Seville, with the most traditional tapas bars. Torrijas and cod are the most popular dishes of these dates.

You can see the Brotherhoods inside the Cathedral, considering that the access has a restricted schedule and once you leave, you can not re-enter. Also, listen to bands is not possible inside the temple. You neither can find a neighbor that advice you for through the streets like a Seville Easter guide.

easter guide in seville 2016

There are special places for watching Processions. Arco del Postigo, where you can make the wait at Postiguillo Bar; Cuesta del Bacalao, special for Palm Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, with Antigüedades Bar to liven up the wait; the arrival of the Baratillo Brotherhood on Wednesday, where the bar of the same name can help you to wait in better spirits; Plaza de El Salvador, with Universal People for to take a break; or La Alfalfa, especially on Tuesday, where the Bodega Donaire can serve you to regain strength.

So dozens of Processions run through the streets of Seville. You can check the day by day in the Seville Easter Guide below to find out what you should schedule and how repartirte the days. To delve into these areas in advance, you should meet some Sevillian people that advise you a little in your movements. To be aware of more information, you can download any mobile app like El Capillita.

We hope this Seville Easter Guide help you to live more comfortably a few days of much tumult and agglomeration, but a lot more passion. Enjoy it and God bless you.

Click on each day and see the detailed programming.

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