Bars in Mateos Gago: The best views of Giralda

History of Mateos Gago: Citizen and Street

(Leer en Español) The bars in Mateos Gago are now the most well-known places in a street that is usually crowded of people. But, it was not always like that. The kitchens that right now serve nice  were shoes workshops and blue-collar houses. Let´s do a trip back to the past of a 260 metres street and how was the life of the citizen that gives the name to this area.

bars in mateos gago views

Located in the Old Town of Seville, it is the link between Virgen de Los Reyes Square, where Giralda is, with Fabiola street, becoming this way the portico of Santa Cruz . Just at the beginning of the neighbourhood, located at the end of the street, we can find Santa Cruz church that was built between the 17th and 18th Centuries. Besides the best views of the Giralda, the beauty of the church and some old buildings that are still maintained in the area, the bars in Mateos Gago are the ones that enliven one of the most famous streets in the city right now.

Before all this, in the Middle Ages, the street was divided in two parts. From the works of Cathedral to the Mesón del Moro street it was called “Entalladores” due to the fact that the Cathedral workers were living in the houses of that zone. From the Mesón del Moro to Santa Cruz, it was known as “Borceguinería” or “Borceguineros” because there were lots of shoemakers working there and they made borceguíes, a type of shoes.

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(Photo Gaz.SEHA nº7)

In 1893 the street was finally called Mateos Gago. Although he was born in the province of Cadiz, Francisco Mateos Gago Fernández was a character of great importance in Seville. Priest, teacher, Professor and Dean of the Theology Faculty at the University of Seville, he was also a investigator in some other specialties. He was the Canon of the Cathedral, writer and columnist. He joined the Sevillian Academy of Letters and the one of Fine Arts in San Fernando. He also took part in the foundations of Archeology Deputation and the Provincial Library of Seville.

Bars in Mateos Gago and the Giralda

Once it was called Mateos Gago, the street was narrow and winding and it did not have anything in common, except from the views of the GIralda, with the street we can visit nowadays. At the beginning of 20th Century, it underwent a facelift due to the Iberoamerican Exposition in 1929. The street was widened and this way the Easter steps (Cofradías de Semana Santa) could go along it without problems as well as cars and others means of transport.


Nowadays, we should highlight the bars, the souvenirs shops and the visitors of this street. These last ones find in this street the best way to connect two of the most beautiful areas of this city. It is the bridge between the Cathedral and Santa Cruz, and if you turn back your view, you will find the Giralda showing all its beauty, the only thing that is still alive over the years.

Bars in Mateos Gago to enjoy the best tapas in the best place of Seville ever:

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