Bar Estrella in Seville: The Star Tapas

(Leer en Español) We know 1939 is a key year in history, both in Spain and in the world. We will leave aside the memories that brings to mind hear, see or read that date. Now let’s add a new milestone to our memory. In 1939 also opened its doors Bar Estrella in Seville, with the star tapas of the city.

bar estrella in seville terrace

A magial star in Seville

The legend says that a star came here fleeing from the silence of the universe and went down to Seville. The fate brought her between the Museum of Flamenco, with echoes of song and dance, and the church of San Alberto with the sound of their heavenly choirs.

bar estrella in seville 1939

She escaped from the silence to become the famed Bar Estrella in Seville, home of long conversations, good drinks and better food.

Bar Estrella in Seville, Echoes of Flamenco

Wall to wall with the Museum of Flamenco, Bar Estrella is a meeting point for artists participating in the shows. Its location between the Giralda and the Salvador Square make it a gastronomic landmark for visitors to the city. Adjoining the Santa Cruz neighborhood, before or after the flamenco, Estrella arrives.

bar estrella in seville dinner

Seville in the memory and the walls

Customs, traditions and architecture of Seville adorn the walls of the Bar Estrella in Seville with a photographic collection. This homage to the culture of the first half of the twentieth century, is completed with oldest references. Roman and Visigoth columns are part of the restaurant decor.

bar estrella in seville tiles

In addition, the history reflected in its tiles and the collection of bull heads, give way to a magical terrace, in the shadow of the tower of the church of San Alberto.

Star Tapas in Seville

A restaurant with generous and original tapas. A cuisine that maintains the tradition by giving a modern touch to the recipes. Delicacies of Andalusian cuisine mixed with the most avant-garde tapas.

bar estrella in seville tapas

They form a succulent and extensive menu together, ideal for all tastes. Also a selection of fine wines and beers make Estrella the best place to enjoy with friends or family.

booking bar agustín

You can see more pictures of Bar Estrella in Seville here. Besides you have all the information about the restaurant on their website and Facebook page.

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