Curiosities in Seville: Looking for the stones

(Leer en español) We have already seen how kings have left their mark in Seville. The crocodile or the king´s head are material legacy that helps us to know the history and legends of the city. On this post, we will focus on the stone. A legacy that remains in time to become curiosities in Seville.

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Although there are also kings in these stories or legends, the main items are made of stone. So is in this fact on which we focus for to know, and visit later, these curiosities in Seville.

Curiosities in Seville

Roman columns at Mármoles Street

In this story there is not legend, although yes different theories. The street acquired its name (Marbles) because of the three Roman columns that are located at number 15. It is known that when the columns were discovered, hidden between buildings, there were six.

curiosities in seville columns

Two were moved to the Alameda de Hércules in the sixteenth century. For a quirk of King Don Pedro I, other column was going to be at the Alcazar. However, it was broken on way, in the present Mateos Gago Street. The rest three columns keep alive the Roman history in the center of Seville, in Santa Cruz neighborhood.

Although it is known that the construction was built late first century and early second, the question is why, for what was made it. Theories say that it was a Roman temple, a shrine, a church or a civil public building.

Hombre de Piedra Street

Another street that takes its name from a legend (The Man of the stone). At number 10 you can find a stone carved torso of a man in a niche, why?

curiosities in seville man of stone

Historians maintain that it is the remains of Roman baths. It became public baths during the Arab era and was called ‘Baths of the Statue‘. Another theory say that the man of stone was brought from another Roman villa or from a recreational area only for decor.

And what the legend says? During the Middle Ages, the Sevillian created a story to explain the origin of the Man of Stone. It is based on Law 11, enacted by King Juan II. You can read the law under the Cruz de Culebras (Snake Cross) on the facade of the El Salvador church, at Villegas street.

curiosities in seville salvador

The law compelled to kneel when you find someone with the communion wafer. It could be carried by religious in their visits to the sick or any type of procession. Thus the legend locates the facts to the passage of a religious procession. The neighbors, who were in one of the great bars of Seville, went to kneel when the wafer was passing by the bar.

Not everybody. Mateo ‘el Rubio’ no knelt down, even mocked those who did. At that moment, a loud bang was heard and a lightning glared Mateo. He was burying until the knees and turned into stone. Since then, his torso occupies the niche in the Hombre de Piedra Street.

curiosities in seville law 11

Tearful Stone

In 1857 the Carlista War I broke out and the tension flooded the country. In Seville, a group of young rebels armed went out to the mountains. His attempt was short and they were apprehended quickly. Until 25 were killed in the attack suffered during their march. The others 82 were caught and returned to Seville to execute them later.

curiosities in seville tearful stone

The Mayor of Seville, García de Vinuesa, tried to reach a pardon but to no avail. When he assimilated that the group of young people, mostly children, had been shot, he walked up to a stone and sat down. He was crying inconsolably there.

This is the story that accompanies the Tearful Stone (Piedra Llorosa), located on San Laureano Street, corner with Liñán Street. You can to find it following the map of Curiosities in Seville. There you can to read the plaque that relates these facts. Although this last story is very sad, it talks about the social, political and cultural importance of Seville over the centuries.

curiosities in seville tearful stone plaque

We have already seen some sights in Seville. You learnt those that have survived to this day as Legacy of Kings and these, which are marked in stone. We are going to continue adding curiosities and places to visit on the map. Subscribe and enjoy your visit to Seville with a fully experience.

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