Pepe Hillo Bar in Seville: Tapas, wine and life

(Leer en español) Casa Pepe Hillo is a tapas bar in Seville. Located in the Arenal, it has become a fashionable place for tapas meals and dinners among young Sevillians.

It is located in the old Casa de las Moscas (House of the flies), a building of 1927 by the architect Gómez Millán, in Adriano 24, one of the most popular streets of the Arenal of Seville.

pepe hillo door

It is a lively street, especially at the weekend and as part of the touristic routes of visitors who want to know the most traditional areas of the city.

In  2019 has been prizewinner by Trip Advisor with the Certificate of Excellence based on clients opinions.

The ‘paseillo’ to the Maestranza

It is part of these routes due to the Tendido 11 (Preferent bleachers number 11) of the Royal Maestranza Bullfighting Plaza. Its doors are face to face and on days of bullfighting, Casa Pepe Hillo is home to long gatherings among fans.

The bullfighting and the gastronomy are united in Casa Pepe Hillo. The restaurant takes its name from the bullfighter José Delgado Guerra, known as Pepe Hillo. Star from the eighteenth century, he impelled the «Sevillian school», a precious and delicated style of bullfighting.

pepe hillo toros pared

His role is so recognized in the world of bullfighting that a sculpture of his bust occupies a prominent place in the Maestranza Museum. Moreover, he encouraged the relationship between bullfighters and Easter.

Decoration of Pepe Hillo

In addition to the bullfighting references that are in the walls and inspire the decoration, entering Pepe Hillo becomes a Parisian deja vu in Seville Downtown.

old books

The wood beamed ceilings and the French-style lamps are reminiscent of Parisian halls from the middle of the last century. The collections of old books that decorate Pepe Hillo also give an atmosphere of intellectuals cafe of another time.

Tapas in Casa Pepe Hillo

The menu, with almost 100 options to choose from, mixes tradition and avant-garde cuisine. Iberian curated sausages, fish, meats and typical stews make up the different menu options.

The Sevillian countryside, the Luz Coast and the Huelva Mountain range are the pantry of an innovative cuisine. Quality products, traditional recipes and cutting-edge touches define their tapas and rations.

pepe hillo tapas seville

It also has a great wine list from all areas of Spain and an important selection of beers for all tastes.

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