Derby in Seville: Football and Tapas


(Leer en Español) Seville is the city of tapas, football and derby. There is no best way of spending an afternoon than enjoying the three things together inside a bar of the centre if you cannot go to the stadium. The Sevillian derby is disputed by the most important football teams in the city, which in turn they are the most well-known in Andalusia. Sevilla FC and Real Betis are the only teams that have won the National League (“La Liga”) and the Royal Cup (“Copa del Rey”). besides playing in the main European football competitions.

Both Real Betis and Sevilla FC are on the list of top ten teams in the historical classification of the National League. They are the ones which have played more seasons in first division (LNFP). and among the top ten list of teams with more supporters in Spain (CIS).


derbi sevilla navas

Football is felt skin deep in Seville, a skin that is white and red or green and white, and is watched with a cold beer, a marvellous wine and some tapas inside a nice bar. Since the first official match in 1910, the derby has been played more than 120 times, being disputed in 45 seasons in first division among the best football teams in Spain.


When Betis and Sevilla are going to play, the city becomes a party of colours and supportive crowds of people that fulfill the streets. It does not matter the date, the time or the weather. In a derby you give everything you have for your team and you trust on the players. If you win or if  the result is something you did not expect, it will be better if you watch it inside a bar. Let´s have a beer to celebrate it!! Cheers!!  or What a pity, another tapa, please!! are the best things you can hear during those moments.

Although there are always some exceptions, the Betis supporter or the Sevilla one love their teams since their childhood. They are born and bred feeling their colours and with an illusion that will grow up meanwhile they are also growing. And this idea it is not only for those who have born in the city, the foreigner should choose one of the two team options. If you did not think about this issue, spending some days in the city you will realise that you are almost force to choose: Betis or Sevilla? They will ask you. You have to choose because a derby it is not only football and tapas, it is also a feeling.

derbi joaquin

Both teams have recognised how special Sevillian supporters are. They are the teams that have created the biggest rivality nationwide. Both have a great promises team which all Sevillian children want to join. They dream to wear the T-shirt of their teams, meanwhile they are playing the sport they like is the best. That is the Sevillian dream.


The city of Seville has 700.000 inhabitants, but when there is a derby the amount increases thanks to those who live in the metropolitan area. They drive to the capital, take a train or a bus and they fill the parking lots, the streets and the bars with flags and scarfs of their teams. Each stadium is in a neighborhood: Benito Villamarín (Betis stadium) is in Heliópolis, and the Sanchez Pizjuán (Sevilla stadium) is in Nervión.

More than the 80% of seats are occupied by subscribers, who have arguments with family, friends or colleagues when they talk about football preferences. This gives a more interesting characteristic to the conversations you can maintain during this special day. Sevillian football is made to live it in the city, for the native inhabitants and for the visitors. But if you cannot find the tickets, there is not best option than watching it in a tapas bar. Here, bars are an important piece of the Sevillian culture, like the football, the derby or the tapas.

Feel the derby in Bodega Donaire, the bar of bullfighting (toros) and football (fútbol) in the city centre. Train for the derby singing the hymns!!


Sevilla Fútbol Club hymn

Real Betis Balompié hymn

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