Summer in Seville: Beat the heat

(Leer en español) When we wake up every June 21 we find the summer in Spain. It seems that this year, and it is not new, we are living the summer since much earlier. The heat wave, which reached all Spain, has had one of its high points in Seville. Several days in Orange Alert… and the others of summer in Seville… with Yellow Alert.

There is good weather in Seville all year, but when the thermometer exceeds 40ºC, it bothers more people than it makes happy. Sunny days are helpful, avoiding the critical hours of midday and early afternoon. But, what about the nights? This year we have grown tired of hearing, or of telling, that it is difficult to sleep because of the high temperatures.

summer in seville

The other day we even learned that during the heat wave, the nights in Seville stopped being tropical to be equatorial. What does it mean? That the temperature does not fall below 25º. Thus, between the 25 and 45°C we have a few days that leave as a mere anecdote the arrival of summer in the calendar. There is no more summer than an equatorial night

The past year was the hottest in history … and so three consecutive. Seeing how we were in June, we take it for granted that the trend will continue. Over the summer in Seville, Jose Antonio Maldonado, who was the country man of weather, says in El Correo Web that “temperatures are going to be practically three months above normal.”


We have already proposed alternatives to the Sevillian heat. A lot of water, or beer, shadow or conditioned air when the sun hits the most and summer activities throughout the city. Cinema, theater, concerts and sport are the protagonists of the summer in Seville. You can look here for some ideas to enjoy the summer in Seville even with the top heat.

calor en sevilla baño

But from @BarTapasSevilla… we have to recommend you our favorite places of the city. The best tapas bars, terraces and restaurants in which to spend fun mornings, afternoons and summer evenings.


The nights give a break to the visitors or Sevillian and the streets are more crowded. Same as the summer terraces of the bars in Seville. The irruption of the nebulizers (the system of raindrops, known in Seville as microclimates) in the terraces and their later popularization have turned the center of Seville in a swimming pool under the sun.

terrace night seville

Almost all places to eat in Seville already have this system. The terraces become a pleasant place, in which to enjoy the company, the atmosphere and the gastronomy. We already gave you the list of the best terraces in Seville for your summer dinners. Check it out.

Cold Tapas and recipes for to beat heat

You can taste special cold tapas for these hot days. Although many of them are on the menu throughout the year, this is their star period. We are thrilled to see these showcases with russian salad, salpicón (mix of shellfish), stuffed peppers or eggs, gazpacho, salmorejo, tomatoes or potatoes aliñás (sazoned), scombrid, anchovies… I do not continue because we end up chewing the keyboard…

tapas frias sevilla

We have also dedicated an article to some of our favorite cold tapas and recipes for the summer in Seville… and against the hot weather.

Enjoy the heat and the summer in Seville! Yes you can!