Modern Tapas in Seville and where to taste it

(Leer en español) The tapas, small portions of food, represent Spanish gastronomy in general and Sevillian in particular. Traditional recipes for the most popular food for Spanish people and tourists who visit us. When you had taste this type of food, you maybe want to have a small change and take a leap into the new cuisine and modern tapas.

modern tapas

This time we will review some culinary proposals from the tapas bars of Seville. In all of them we can try the most typical tapas, but they also present some proposals of modern cuisine in their menu. We will look at traditional products and recipes that have been given a spin, an original touch, with new ingredients or elaboration processes.

Modern tapas in Seville

Products like pork cheeks, shrimps, cod, salmorejo, spinachs… and some of traditional Sevillian recipes, are transformed into modern tapas in this selection:

Grilled duck foie with roasted peppers jam

A product increasingly common in the kitchens for modern tapas, but with little tradition in the typical recipes. At Bar Postiguillo they present it with a roasted peppers jam that left us in love with the recipe.

modern tapas postiguillo

Iberian Pork Cheeks with potato and mushroom foam

Pork cheeks, a dish that is not missing in any traditional tapas bar in Seville. The foam as elaboration of accompaniment makes it original and modern. This is how we find and taste it in Bar Pelayo.

modern tapas pelayo

Cod with pumpkin foam and caramelized peppers

Cod is perhaps the most typical fish in Seville. To confit it is not a revolution either. However, presenting it with pumpkin foam and delicious caramelized peppers give it an original touch at Bar Agustín & Company.

modern tapas agustín

This tapas bar also has preference for culinary modernism, so we can order fried eggs and french fries for dessert … which really are not.

modern tapas trampantojo

Salmon Tartar

This recipe is not so novel, although the raw fish was not very popular in Spain. Nowadays is much more easy to find it in some menus. We wanted to highlight one, the Casa Tomate tartar.

modern tapas casa tomate

Royal Spinachs with nuts and bacon

Spinachs with chickpeas are one of the most typical dishes of Seville. Originating in the called «vigil dishes», at Cafelito Universal they have another less common recipe. Good quality spinachs, first-rate nuts and well-roasted bacon. We love it.

modern tapas universal

Special of Patanchón

This is the name of this mixt of flamenquín (breaded roll of meat and ham) and san jacobo (breaded ham and cheese) that can be ordered in the bar that gives it its name, Patanchón. Chicken, goat cheese, pork loin and an original caramel sauce that makes this tapa a reference in the center of Seville.

modern tapas patanchon sevilla

Salmorejo croquettes

We tasted it in Antigüedades Bar. They join two of the most typical dishes in a very particular way. It has been difficult for us to choose only one of the modern tapas in this restaurant. The same happens when we have to choose croquettes here, the oxtail croquettes are also marvelous.

modern tapas antigüedades

We also highlight its popular salmon tartar (you can see one served almost on each table), shrimp wrapped in potato or their carpaccios. Maybe our favorite modern tapas bar

Shrimp Tortillitas (fritters) with guacamole mayonnaise and wok of vegetables and prawns

Who not know that we eat shrimps fritters in Spain? A terrific Andalusian dish that in this case is integrated into one of the modern tapas offered at Bar Catedral. The wok is a form and a kind of pan for preparing vegetables in Asian cuisine. High fire, little time and a lot of movement… Together with the mayonnaise of guacamole, they make this unique dish in Seville.

modern tapas catedral

This bar is one of the most surprising in terms of modern tapas. Here we have tasted the fried octopus with sauteed vegetables, quinoa curry and paprika and mustard mayonnaise; the tomato thigh with shrimps, cream cheese, walnuts, guacamole and tomato jam; or the tuna with tempura of mustard mayonnaise, grilled octopus and cassava. Spectacular and unique in Seville.

modern tapas seville bar

Traditional and typical tapas

If you are more of the traditional flavours and recipes, look at these suggestions of typical tapas and where to taste it in the best tapas bars and restaurants in Seville.

The most typical tapas in Seville

typical tapas seville